The Jewel Maker

Varalakshmi, a talented lady right from her childhood, discontinued her studies ( & started to make small handicrafts to make the ends meet in her family. She had lots of interest in Jewellery making & crafts. Her husband earned INR 9000, which was not sufficient for her to run the family & educate her only daughter in a good School. So she pledged her jewels and started a small business. She soon learnt about Sornammal Educational Trust (SET). She joined the SHG & availed INR 5000 loan initially. She graduated to other cycles of the loan availing more money and thereby invested in to her income generation activity. She completed a certification course in 2012 & employed 7 people under her. She set up an Artificial Jewellery shop, Arri work, Embroidery. She also started to handle classes on the art she has mastered at the very same Institute where she was trained. Today, she makes glass painting, embroidery, masala powders & pickles for sale. She ends up making a profit of approx. INR 30,000 per month after paying her employees & other expenses.
In the time to come, Varalakshmi plans to enhance her business and also get in to her own silver Jewellery design. She also wants her daughter to design Gold Jewellery in the future.