Mrs. Thangamani of AnnaiAravindar SHG lost her husband in 1989, at her very young age. She has two girl children. She was running a small Chit fund but was deceived by many. She had to sell her own house and settle their payments. She was left at the juncture which lead her nowhere and she did not know what would be her future course of living. At that point in time, she joined the Self-help group “AnnaiAravindar”, promoted by Sornammal Educational Trust (SET). She received a loan of INR 500 and this was her first ever investment to initiate her business of buying blouse cut pieces. She was able to get a profit of INR 10 per blouse piece. SHG further helped and supported her by providing twelve other loans between INR 500 to INR 25, 000. Thus, in total she received INR 1, 58,500. The Trust also gave loans three times INR 15000 in total under the widow loan program. This was a boon for her livelihood. Apart from that, she also received loans from Indian Bank and ICICI Bank to a tune of INR 50,000. With this capital she was able to take variety of dress materials and she sold them not only for cash payment but also on weekly and monthly instalments. Apart from that she also started preparing a particular type of snacks called “Thattai” that was made out of rice and supplied it to the nearby snacks selling shops through which she gets a profit of INR 15 per packet. Also, she got both her daughters married. With the help of one of her son-in-laws, she is now involved in outdoor catering services. In all, today Thangamani is able to make an earning of at least INR 10,000 per month. Her struggle in life has paid off well as today her livelihood is assured, her two girl children are educated and married.