Shanti is a widow (her husband passed away 20 years back). In-spite of the grief, she started traditional “Muruku” business to take care of her family and bring-up her two children. Today, she is the owner of two companies and she believes that this could not have happened without support of many people and specially Sornammal trust (SET), which played a key role in the growth of her venture. In the very beginning, she suffered due to high interest loans raised from local money lenders. At that time, she got support from SET as part of the SHG model. Shanthi got loan of INR 5000, 10000, 20000 and 50000 from SET in various cycles of loan and further INR 50,000 from Sisterhood foundation. Till date she got loans worth INR 2,00,000 and paid it back on time. She started another Muruku company with poor people employed and is located in Ottery. Today her company produces 20,000 Muruku’s daily and she plans to make it 50,000 soon. She is about to receive loan from Varam this Women’s day and she plans to use the same to expand her existing venture which will also make her two sons self-employed.