The Story of Wooden Toys

Elizabeth is well known for her wooden toys. During September 2011, the field organizers of the Trust reached her knowing her difficulties through the members of the nearby groups and encouraged her to become a member of one of the SHG’s, the Blossom group. Initially, she got a loan of INR 5000 and purchased wooden raw materials from Mysore, beautifully painted them and sold them. Subsequently she received INR 10,000 and another INR 17,000 as bank loans. She was supported with INR 5000 under the Income Generation Program (IGP program) of the Trust. Through Varam, another INR 25000 was offered to her. She was in to making of variety products like Jute bags, earthen toys, stitching pillow covers etc. Many local Tamil journals have given good coverage about her wooden toys which were beautiful, attractive, cute and artistic. Trust arranged marketing facility with tie ups at Government sponsored exhibitions, Corporate sponsored toys exhibitions etc. In addition to the artistic skills, she has a compassionate heart. Her younger sister’s husband passed away leaving two of their children. Knowing her helpless situation, Elizabeth supports the entire educational expenditure of both the children. She is expanding her business steadily and she engages at least 4 to 6 women in marketing the products during exhibitions and stalls and pay good wages to them. As she was in need of recurring capital, she was granted a loan of INR 50000 by the Trust under the Sisterhood foundation enterprise project. She has always been prompt in her repayment of loans, skill full in her work and helpful to the group members.